Metric Surveys, reality capture and scene recreation for museums, conservation and world heritage sites.

Bringing our history to life with mixed reality

Luminous have worked at some of the UK’s most prestigious heritage sites and scanned many castles and iconic buildings. Digital documentation and 3D imaging has become an essential tool in the preservation and conservation of these outstanding sites of cultural and historical importance. English heritage has defined the most comprehensive scanning specification available through there Metric Survey Specification which we always work to.

As well as 3D imaging our services have been used to created detailed stone by stone photo montages, ortho photos, 2D plans as well as CGI reconstructions, walk through’s, virtual tours and even 3D apps.

We have developed bespoke hyper real virtual reality experiences of real world locations allowing users and heritage professional to immerse themselves in these sites like never before.

Heritage Projects

Case Studies

RRS Discovery

RRS Discovery

Digitization & Virtual Reconstruction

Maid of the Loch

Maid of the Loch

Virtual Reconstruction From point cloud data set

Tintern Abbey – VR Experience

Tintern Abbey – VR Experience

Interactive VR experience of Tintern Abbey created from LiDAR data.

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