3D Imaging & Plant Digitization

The Luminous Group have over 10 years’ experience in the digitization of complex process plants, using the latest 3D laser scanning, reality capture and photogrammetry technology.


For any company looking to move to digital workflows a solid understanding of their assets is essential. We can cost effectively digitize your facility creating a highly detailed 3D point cloud. Our in house team of modelers can then convert this into a 3D model for use downstream in a  range of 3D CAD, PDMS or BIM packages.

Our workflows are based on 10 years industry experience working to the highest standards. All deliverables are rigorously QA’d to to guarantee accuracy for mission critical applications.

We can provide a range of solutions to help you then manage your digital assets. We can integrate them with real time visualization solutions, virtual and mixed reality, IoT smart sensors and artificial intelligence creating a true digital facility for the future.

Rapid plant and facility digitization services for Industry 4.0

3D as built surveys for the oil and gas sector

3D Laser scanning has been the preferred choice for offshore documentation for the last 10 years. In fact, the technology has been pioneered by the offshore sector. The ability to provide rapid accurate 3D documentation is essential when working in harsh environments where delays can have huge financial implications. Additionally, 3D Scanning is essential when working towards a first time fit strategy.

Our team use the best-in-class laser scanners (Surphaser) to provide sub mm scanning and data collection. Once a scan has been captured we can convert the data into an accurate as built model and verify if new fabricated parts will fit correctly. Our team has scanned everything from full platforms, FPSO’s or drill vessels down to reverse engineering specific parts for replacement manifolds or other specialist equipment.

3D Imaging & Plant Digitization Projects

Case Studies

Morgan Advanced Materials

Morgan Advanced Materials

Hand Safety Training Simulator

Plant Room – 3D MEP Surveys

Plant Room – 3D MEP Surveys

Detailed 3D MEP Pointcloud Surveys.

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