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Mixed reality has been made possible through Microsoft’s ground-breaking HoloLens device and its inside out tracking technology.

The HoloLens is capable of scanning the world around it in real-time and then superimposing 3D models into this space. Many businesses are exploring the amazing possibilities this is unlocking allowing them to delivery technical 3D information and visualizations in the field to first line workers.

Luminous have been pioneering the use of this technology in a range of industry environments from technical training, improving operational maintenance to asset management and mapping.


  • Space Planning
  • Training
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Equipment Operations
  • Remote Call an Expert
  • Visualisation
  • Prototyping

As a Microsoft mixed reality partner we can help you envision, develop, understand and filter your ideas to come up with the best use cases to capitalize on this transformative new technology.

Mixed Reality Application Development Process

DISCOVERYWorking in close collaboration with our clients we identify key business challenges. CORE BUSINESS PROBLEMWe collaboratively work with our clients to discover their business problems and develop creative solutions. ENVISIONINGWe will facilitate an envisioning session to define and priorities the best Mixed Reality use cases. PLANNINGOur designers, developers, and business strategists collaborate with our clients to architect robust scalable systems. DESIGN / UX & UIWe rapidly develop design concepts and are obsessive about the user experience. PROTOTYPINGUsing rapid iterations and agile principles, we incorporate feedback from the client and users to quickly find out what works. DEVELOPMENTOur developers and engineers have extensive experience building mission critical applications for complex industrial applications. QA / TESTINGOur QA team is relentless and will iron out any quality issues or bugs. DELIVERYWe support our clients all the way through the development process including delivery and roll out internally or globally. EVOLUTIONOur team will support you to evolve your product, ensuring it continues to deliver the highest possible value.

fusing our physical and digital realities

Digital Twins

A Digital twin facilitates many exciting new  ways to interact, train on and maintain complex plant equipment. We’ve been working with pioneering partners to introduce this technology to their facilities as they begin their transformation to digital workflows.

Using the HoloLens a whole host of information can be augmented over real world operational equipment to create interactive guided 3D training.

We can integrate with smart sensor and IoT to deliver Real-time information to operators in the field via the HoloLens. Inputs such as motion,temperature, light, humidity and vibration can all be monitored and displayed visually as 3D holographic data allowing an operator to make better informed decision.

Digital Twin Solution Architecture

CUSTOMER SERVICEFLEET AWARE TAILORED SERVICESREAL-TIME SMART CONNECTEDPRODUCT DIGITAL TWINPLATFORM DIGITAL TWINSERVICES Computer Platform, Sensors, Connectivity Connected services, data and capabilities Joinable with other devices CLOUDCONNECTED Engineering, simulation & visualisation platform Cognitive services & business intelligence Enterprise intelligence & system integration CLOUDCONNECTED Design and innovation insights, action Integrated customer support and field service Manufacturing, supply chain and quality performance DIGITAL THREAD

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